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" Thug Passion  ( Part 5 )" The Saga continues...

DVD Rapid "Hip-Hop" editing, this kaleidoscope of black boners and bush and assholes begins to feel like watching sex while high, a mood assisted by a mad eclectic mix of music plus slurpy live sound and drifting crew shadows. Cameramen are often visible, but when youíre tripping, who cares? Some models wear caps, masks, or handkerchiefs to hide their faces, but the camera is so obsessively close on the point of sexual action that it hardly matters whoís who or doing what. Once suckingís done, itís just anonymous ass and erection anyway, seen from every angle, like in a masturbation fantasy. A duo looks dry and nasty, a four-way like dogs crawling over each other. Scene Three is a 54-minute MTV-type "mix" of Scenes One and Two. For fans of funky black sex, a duo, a four-way, and a "mix" of both.



Category: Gay and Bi Available Formats: DVD Length: 118 Min. Rating: AAA Reviewed by: Robert Patrick - AVN/GayVn Company: Chocolate Joy Entertainment Director: E.J. Parker









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