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" Thug Passion  ( Part 3 )" The Saga Continues…"

Finally...the long awaited, much anticipated "Thug Passion (Part 3)" is in stores now. See big hard thug dicks muscle up tight little thug azzes [just your regular everyday brothas next door in da hood chillin']      

Lamar James that “big dicked thug” suckz his boy'z Shai De Black's dick and finger-fuck Shai's hole before Lamar plunders that tight booty 'till Shai screams then they both, Lamar and Shai, nutt at da same time.      With what has to be one of the firmest and phattest azzes to eva sit behind a brotha...this boi Hassan Evans suckz his homie, Sean Hall like its da last dick on da planet; before Hassan gives it up doggie-style after being finger probed up his pretty thug azz.  At the end, Hassan takes his homie'z, Sean's cumm all over his face.    

The Threesome (“a hott ménage-a-trois”): Shai De Black calls ova two more friends later that night, Devon “DJ” Jones and Derrick “Dee” Wilson. Shai gets his azz tore up in different positions by DJ while Shai sucks on Dee's dick.  Shai then lies on his back and takes his boy's, Dee's cumm all over his stomach and rubs it in...then Dee leaves after he busts that big nutt.     

Shai then gets with his main homeboy, DJ, and they get into some sloppy wet deep tongue French kissing before Shai starts to lick DJ's very hairy azz. Then Shai uses a phat stoopid dildo to open up dat tight thug'z azz and now his homie, DJ, wants some real dick so DJ straddles Shai and rides da dick. Not to be outdone, Shai decides to take some dick too, so Shai raises both of his legs and throws it to his homie DJ who dickz him down 'till Shai turns him out and they both bust their big nutt loads.  *Alt: Shai De Black appears again with two more friends, Devon “DJ” Jones and Derrick “Dee” Wilson  This vid is a Must Buy, among other things, a delight fo' all [hairy azz and thug luvaz......word!]

Category: Gay and Bi Available Formats: DVD Length: 76 Min. Rating:  Reviewed by: Erik James III. - BGN International Company: Chocolate Joy Entertainment Director: E.J. Parker









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